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Winter Sports - Baseball

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

by Tobin Orzel

Pointer baseball is back for the 2023 preseason after a disappointing 2022 season. Last year, the team earned a 9-18-1 record in the Western League, not living up to the high expectations they hold themselves to. This was a stunning turn of events as in just the year prior, the Pointers came in first place in their entire league. However, after their first place finish, many seniors graduated, forcing Point Loma baseball to adopt a new identity, one with an abundance of newfound potential.

This year’s winter season was a long one, beginning in November and coming to an end just last week. The Pointers posted an unofficial record of 10-4 this preseason, an impressive one for a team that hadn’t had an official practice in months. They played a wide variety of teams from all over the county, and some opponents even originating from outside San Diego.

Above: Seniors Tobin Orzel and Jordan Otjen

A standout game for Point Loma came with their game against Huntington Beach High School. Huntington baseball was a formidable opponent, being the reigning Southern California champion for the second year in a row and known to hold one of the best programs in the nation. Point Loma put up a tremendous fight, keeping it a 1-1 game deep into the final innings until Hunington finally punched a go-ahead run.

Though the day ended with a loss, the game showed how capable Point Loma is to stand eye-to-eye with high caliber competition. The Pointer’s outstanding pitching staff is the prime reason for the team’s preseason success. The staff is led by a former professional player in pitching coach Mark Seyler, who was a part of the New York Yankees organization. Coach Seyler is an excellent instructor and helps the pitching staff develop new skills that are sure to help the team reach its full potential. Point Loma looks to prove themselves this coming season and are bound to show that though new, they are going to step up to the plate and play to win.


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