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What’s Up With Wrestling?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

by Sean Clarken

Point Loma High School’s wrestling team, both varsity and JV, had their first match of the regular season on Wednesday, January 8th, after a relatively successful pre-season run.  The team drove up to James Madison High School in time for weigh-ins at 4 P.M. Once everyone arrived and changed, they went to weigh in. But there was a problem: Madison’s wrestling team only consists of eight wrestlers - seven boys and one girl.  Compared to the forty-some wrestlers on Point Loma, their number was disappointing. Commotion broke out amongst the team, as the wrestlers found out they weren’t going to wrestle. One of the many wrestlers who were left disappointed was Kosi Eguchi, who said, “I felt disappointed due to the fact that we all went through lots of training, cutting, blood, sweat, and tears to get ready for this match against Madison.”

After everyone calmed down, there was little time for a warm up.  Only about 15 minutes were given to each team before the wrestling began.

Six matches were scheduled to take place.  Point Loma selected Konner Kammerer, Katie Wright, Ethan Hazlett, and Thor Willink to wrestle, as well as Noah Romberg and Charles Romero, who were bumped up from JV. After all the matches ended, PLHS won by a whopping 51-15.

The Madison match was a precursor to a very successful season for the Pointer wrestling team.  They went 5-0 in league this season, securing their second ever wrestling league championship, and the first in over 25 years.

On a dominating Senior Night victory over Cathedral Catholic, it was a great night to celebrate the team, as well as the honoring long time iconic Coach Brian Lamb, with many alumni present to support the team and Coach Lamb. As part of the ceremony, it was announced that the wrestling room will be renamed after Coach Lamb.

More recently, freshman Eve Norban wrestled at her first CIF this past weekend, placing 4th at 118 lbs., and going on to the first ever Ladies Masters/ Tournament in San Diego. Congratulations Eve!!

A special thanks to all of our coaches, parents, and wrestlers for making this team great. Go Pointers!

Coach Brian Lamb's recognition ceremony at Senior Night vs. Cathedral Catholic.


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