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Trends Review

by Rennie Anderson

Trends have a way of coming and going, and with time trends tend to repeat. Not only do they repeat, but they often take inspiration from old ones and make something new of them. In the summer of 2022, bright colors and fun patterns were all the rage. Some of these fashions were big hits, while others weren’t so hot. In the near future, these styles will evolve, and become the next upcoming trends.

Summer 2022 held a lot of new trends, one of the most prominent being the “coastal granddaughter” style. Coastal granddaughter is a style that came from the concept of old money, East Coast type of fashion. It consists of a lot of stripes along with cream and light, blue-colored pieces. Sweaters, especially chunky ones, are essential in achieving the coastal granddaughter look. Loose button downs, maxi skirts and dresses are also a big part of this trend. This style is effortless and minimalistic, while still being classic and chic.

To go along with the coastal granddaughter style, lots of loafers and chunky sandals were seen this summer. These shoes were not necessarily just seen strictly in a coastal granddaughter's looks, but in many other instances. Fashion influencer Emma Chamberlain really helped loafers come back into style. She often wore these loafer and chunky sandals with various maxi skirts and dresses - simple ones and patterned ones of all different kinds. In addition to the coastal granddaughter, bright colors were a summer essential, and statement pieces were huge. Matching sets made a shocking appearance, creating an easy outfit by themselves while also being used separately, to provide for infinite looks.

Another trend that was seen often this summer were jorts. Jorts are denim shorts that are usually on the longer side. Some people love them, some hate them, but either way they were very apparent in the trends of this summer, with the motto seemingly being “the baggier the better!” People styled them with bathing suits for a nice beach look, or with a tank top or over sized tee for a casual summery look.

Fall fashion is unmatched and it is definitely a fan favorite time for the industry. After all, it is the perfect time of year; right before the weather is too cold, but not as hot as it is in the summertime. Trends change and evolve, but based on last year’s fall and summer trends, predictions can be made about what will be in style. Leather jackets are a timeless piece that never get old, though the style of the jacket might change with the time. Jackets of all kinds are essential for the fall season, particularly bomber jackets, will be making an apperance this fall. Bomber jackets are versatile and can be dressed up or down in many different ways. Brands like Carhartt are especially popular this fall, making epic bomber jackets, beanies, and pants.

Sweaters are another thing that have been, and always will be, a fall classic. A sweater, skirt, and a pair of gorgeous loafers is the “it girl” look of the fall, carrying over from summer loafers and maxi skirts. Transitioning from summer to fall means less color and fewer patterns counteracted by more neturals, muted colors and toned down patterns. Something that we’ve already seen a lot of and will continue to see more of are the Boston Clog Birkenstocks. The Boston Clog Birks are all over the place right now and are going to be the shoes of the fall. Bringing out the inner granola girl in all of us, these shoes are the perfect 2022 fall shoe, going with everything in your revamped fall wardrobe.

After a booming summer of fashion, the transition from summer to fall is an exciting time. Trends will be carried on and evolve, as the seasons change. New trends will appear, old ones that were thought to be dead may resurface. Fashion this fall holds a lot of potential for new and upgraded styles that are yet to come.


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