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The Only 5 Step Process You Need to Secure Your Valentine’s Day

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

by Katherine Lapic

Valentine's Day puts a lot of pressure on relationships - especially the ones that are hanging on by a thread. Many people put pressure on themselves to get in a relationship just for the ability to have a special someone for this special day. Using this information, we can overcome the beta male weak mind and help manifest your relationship dreams into a reality.

Understand that it’s mindset over matter.

Just because you’ve never held an actual conversation with this special person doesn’t mean it won't ever happen. When the only reason you’ve talked to them was asking for a pencil, or better yet, for the time, it's obvious they are constantly thinking about you.

Get out of your comfort zone.

The relationship progresses fast when it’s all in your head. But who knows how good it would feel in reality. Just like Lana Del Rey said, “Sometimes it feels like there's a war in my mind, I want to get off but I keep riding the ride.” She would be proud to know that you put yourself out there, and maybe that you even need a little rejection. But that won’t happen. Try a conversation. Ask about their Valentine's Day plans. This is a casual way to suggest your interest and it doesn't matter anyway, because they have no idea who you are!

Set clear intentions.

Even if you guys only exchange glances across the room and you get butterflies in your stomach, maybe they feel it too. Don’t rule anything out. Setting clear intentions for yourself really sets the stage for it to all unfold. It also shows that you know what you want, and you’ll do anything to get it. Saying, “I can’t hide it anymore - I have a huge crush on you!,” or better yet, “I can’t stop thinking about you!” proves how determined you can get and when they respond with a “who are you?,” at least you’ll know for certain they really don't think about you at all!

Wait and see.

Patience is a virtue, maybe while you're waiting for your specific someone, someone completely different will come along - you know, maybe someone who actually knows who you are. You’ve (hopefully) already made the action so it's in their hands to reciprocate. The obsession you have is growing the desire, and under no circumstances listen to advice that says being desperate actually pulls people away. Stick to your gut and know that being desperate and obsessed is the only way to go.

Enjoy it.

Chemistry does not mean compatibility. But just because you guys aren’t compatible does not mean you can’t have fun. You’ll probably end up heartbroken either way so at least be someone to remember.


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