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The Golf Team...PL’s Unsung heroes!

Updated: Oct 27, 2019


You’ve all heard him on the announcements before: Jackson Moss, Adam Moss, Matthew Moss. This dynasty has promised and continued to supply years of Point Loma High golf dominance. Hand any Moss a putter, a driver, or even a wedge, and you can count on them to deliver. The Moss’ success is rooted deep in their DNA as our very own legendary U.S. History teacher, Mr. Moss, is an avid golfer and regularly reps the cleanest polos and khakis. I asked Jackson Moss to open up about his success and pressure to uphold the family standards. He humbly replied, “Being on the announcements is pretty special because I get to hear my success as well as all of my peers. I think it’s cool how other students that I don’t know that well know what I’m accomplishing. There’s not a whole lot of pressure holding up the Moss legacy because I’m trying to create a legacy of my own. Everything that I do and accomplish represents the Moss family as a whole and I owe a lot of my success so far to them.” This program has a bright future!

Golf can be overlooked often times at the high school level due to its ‘gentlemen sport’ connotation. Unfortunately for Point Loma opponents, the Pointers never let down. Senior Sean Rosier says, “After my fourth year of playing high school golf I have realized that people only play the game fair if you watch them.” Sean Rosier is a force to be reckoned with. If you are playing against him, you better believe he’ll have the rulebook and scorecard double checked. Rosier’s intensity is something that Point Loma High cherishes, as he leads school chants, pep rallies, and most importantly, the golf team. Since Rosier’s freshman year, the golf team is yet to lose a league title. Though they are yet to claim a CIF ring, they have been back to back runner ups in the competition. This year the Point Loma High Golf Team has nothing but winning on their mind! Go get ‘em!



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