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The Care Crew

By Mare Sutphen

As Pointers, we are lucky to have such compassionate, intelligent, charismatic minds in our student body. With great minds come great clubs. I was fortunate enough to attend Sophia Inzunza’s Care Crew meeting and learn what her club means to her and her members.

When asked what inspired her to head this club, Sophia replied, “During my freshman year of high school scanning through a list of offered clubs, I realized that none existed with the mission to help our local homeless population. I desired to get involved not only on my campus but also in my community.” With this mindset, she and some friends started the Homeless Outreach Club, or the Care Crew. The members put together bags of snacks, water, and sandwiches. Then, once a week, they deliver these bags to the homeless around the city. Through this work, she and her members learn the value of aiding people in need. At Care Crew meetings, members have fun giving back to their community and develop a new understanding of empathy and kindness. The club is a great way to get service hours while volunteering your time to make a difference. If you’d like to join in Sophie’s philanthropic quest to help humanity, attend her club in Room 452 on Thursdays at lunch. Bring your friends!


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