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Spring Reset

by Chelsea Plunkett

As the days get longer and the air gets warmer, people around the community prepare to enter spring and welcome a new season of life.

Spring is often regarded as the season of new beginnings. As animals come out of hibernation and new plants begin to sprout and flower, it feels as if the world is returning to life after a long and dreary winter. The change in seasons often inspires people to try new things and set new goals.

The number one thing to do as soon as spring starts is to clean and revamp your living space. Having a space you can come home to daily where you feel comfortable and at ease is essential to your well-being. Although most of us don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a full-house remodel, there are some cheaper options to make your home or room feel next-to-new, such as getting rid of old things, repainting, rearranging the furniture, opening windows, and displaying new or different home decor, like posters, macrame, and fresh flowers.

Picking up new hobbies and revisiting seasonal ones is also an excellent way to enter a new season. In San Diego especially, where the change of climate brings many exciting events, like wildflowers blooming and the beaches getting warmer, spring creates an overall more outdoor-friendly season. Try hiking the coast, having beach days, and picking up new active activities like running, surfing, or skating.

Last but not least, stop consuming media detrimental to your mental health and find content that makes you happy. This shift looks different for everybody. It can mean deleting social media, getting rid of (or buying more) books, listening to different music and podcasts, and more. Finding a good balance of content that works your brain and the kind that puts it at ease is important. Sometimes the best content for growth is the kind that challenges and compliments your way of thinking, and the best content to help you feel good is the kind that is nostalgic, positive, and comforting.

The natural seasonal shift is a good inspiration to be an agent of change in your life. It can seem daunting initially, but once you start to appreciate and work towards the life you want, it will be well worth the wait.


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