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Spirit of Radio

By Logan Mang

If you like your music, you must criticize it. Listening to bubblegum music will do nothing for your mind. You should think about what’s being sung. You should feel what’s being played. You must criticize it because when you get complacent music gets stale, music get old, music doesn’t stay fresh and enjoyable. It turns into swill and garbage. Something you love turns into something you hate because you can’t articulate what you want to hear.

And if what you want to hear is what everyone else wants to hear?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But you must always remember that music should stoke the embers of life in your soul. Music should get you out of bed every morning. Music should make your drive a little better and make you want to work a little harder. Music shouldn't be as meaningless and fleeting as the annoying elevator tunes we tolerate.

Music is a powerful, expressive, beautiful, sensual, revolutionary way to experience life. Especially in times of increasing emotional and political disturbance, I think we all need something that can keep our pulses bumping, our toes tapping, our hearts hopeful just a little longer. Freedom’s just another word for saying you have nothing left to lose. We should take that sentiment to heart and choose music that means something.


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