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San Diego Midterm Election Results Spark Controversial Opinions on Measure C

by Ava Lantis

The midterm election results are now available, and feelings of uncertainty and wariness circulate Point Loma in regards to Measure C. However, a majority of the community remains enthusiastic about the new opportunities that come with the action.

Measure C passed with more than 51.1% of the vote, which was almost evenly split. It would exclude the Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan Area in the Midway District and enable the construction of buildings over 30 feet. This year’s Measure C is a repeat of 2020’s Measure E that was passed and later repealed due to environmental concerns.

Voters at Busy Polling Place in San Diego

Supporters of Measure C believe that increased housing in San Diego would be much more affordable when it becomes available. While there are surely benefits of a denser area, opponents of Measure C argue that traffic congestion will pose a larger problem. In addition to blocking coastal views, existing businesses could also be affected.

“I think adding more housing to the Point Loma area is a positive, but the possibility of tearing down places like Kobey's Swap Meet and other businesses is unfortunate,” Megan O’Donnell, a senior at Point Loma High School, said.

The revitalization of the Midway area hopes to offer recreation as well as a safer community that’s transit oriented, but city politicians are making development deals that will cost taxpayers. With that, Measure C will not only have major effects on Ocean Beach and Point Loma, but all of San Diego.


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