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Recycling Matters, Even with Christmas Trees

by Caleb Rogart

With the coming of Christmas comes millions upon millions of Christmas trees sold each year, with roughly 25-30 million in the United States alone. Christmas trees are a beacon of literal light and are a crucial and beloved part of “the happiest time of the year.” However, when this time of the year comes to an end, what happens to the trees then? The environmentally friendly and correct path to take when asking this question is practically anything that does not include throwing the tree out.

This leaves countless options, some of which could even be fun and artistic. The trunks of trees can be cut off and made into figurines, the branches can be arranged into wreaths, the pine needles can be made into bunches to serve as mini brooms that keep the winter aroma even after the trees are gone. Christmas trees can also be very useful in gardens and in backyards. They can be cut up into smaller pieces and made into compost and mulch, the wood can be turned into a bird feeder, or the entirety of the tree can serve as a home for wildlife struggling to find shelter in the coldness of winter.

If all of these choices seem to be too much work, or simply something that is not possible, there are still viable options. If a household has a fireplace, especially useful in the coldest of months, the tree can serve as fuel all season long. Alternatively, the tree can be recycled properly by professionals. San Diego county, and most areas across the country, have recycling programs. San Diego’s runs from December 26th until January 23rd, and anyone can drop off their Christmas tree at any daytime hour. There are plenty of ways to properly send off a Christmas tree, many of which are both fun and environmentally friendly as well.

Christmas tree recycling flyer:


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