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Powderpuff ‘23

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

By Katherine Lapic

A kickoff to Prom Night, Point Loma High School brought back the Powderpuff game last year between the junior and senior classes of ‘23 and ‘24 on June 2nd. The game allows the traditional American football roles to be reversed; the girls on the field for flag football and the boys cheerleading or coaching.

It was a bumping game between the two teams. A snagging and hair-pulling style of play brought an expected senior win 42-30, which was matched by an unexpected lack of actual cheerleading from the boys. Competitive as it could’ve gotten with the girls playing with their prom nails, we saw the coaches constantly hovering over their players on the field and it was noticeable that they were eager to play instead. The boys lacked cheerleaders or a half time show, but the hope is bigger for this year's game. Commentary from students on the intercom was the highest point of the afternoon. Fan favorites of “skirt left, skirt right, skirt all the way to the end zone,” “this guys’ bonkers” and a frequent amount of “butter fingers.”

From left to right, the girls were tenacious out on the field and were not afraid to slam their way to reach the opponents flag. The best plays were made by Ciara Soraghan ‘23, Charley Faucett ‘23, and Rachael Morris ‘24. A classic move made by Faucett after one of her five touchdowns was to spin the football by the tip. We saw lots of quick feet out there, especially by Helena Simms ‘23, Ava Schall ‘24 and Emma Hess ‘24.

The energy of the game was completely aligned with the senior touchdowns, including playing music and having the crowd rush out on every single score. A seemingly conspired lack of junior supporters meant that their team did not have the same level of fan enthusiasm..\ Despite the built-in disadvantages for juniors, the game was overall very silly and entertaining and it's evident this will prosper in the Point Loma community for years to come.


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