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Point Loma High School Welcomes a New Principal

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

By Allie Frichtel

Point Loma High School welcomes Principal David Jaffe to the community for his first year at the school. Principal Jaffe is a native San Diegan who has dedicated himself to education in the city he grew up in and continues to hold a close connection with. When deciding to come to Point Loma High School, he noted that he loves the history that comes with the school, and wants to continue making positive impacts on the historical, close knit community that is Point Loma.

Principal Jaffe has over 23 years of experience being an administrator, and started his administrative career as founding principal in 2004 at Canyon Crest High School. He has done further work at Torrey Pines and Vista High School as principal, along with being the superintendent for the Rancho Santa Fe district.

Jaffe states his intent for the 23-24 school year is to “create an environment where students want to come to school, teachers want to come teach, and parents are proud to send their children to school.” He is passionate about taking pride and embracing what it means to be a Pointer, and truly taking honor in that. “I want this to feel like a family…well, a functional family.”

In Jaffe’s first four weeks at Point Loma, leadership and making connections have been most crucial for him. “What I’ve learned is that when you’re leading people and no one is willing to follow you, you’re not leading. The way that you lead people is getting to truly know them.”

He has dedicated the first month of school to connecting with our students. Principal Jaffe has supported the students recently in many ways, including learning a cheer led by the freshman cheer team, doing pull-ups in the quad at lunch, and leading a chant in the student section at the school’s last football game. As a way to connect with staff, Jaffe has invited every staff member to talk with him and tell them their story, along with letting him know any way that he can support them.

Principal Jaffe, along with his many career achievements, also has many everyday interests he can relate to the students with. His favorite movie is Steven King’s The Shawshank Redemption, and he owns a rescued border collie pitbull named Mamas.

As far as sports goes, he claims that he loves all sports, and his favorite team was the San Diego Chargers before they became what they are today.

“I was left heartbroken and went through all five stages of grief when they left. Now I prefer college sports.”

He expressed his new profound love for pickleball and wants to spread the love for his obsession.

“If there is any one thing I would want to do with my higher position and role as principal, it would be to enforce all my students to play pickleball.”

Point Loma warmly welcomes Principal Jaffe to our community and wishes him a prosperous first year filled with success.


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