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Point Loma Football - Season Overview

by Keona Evans

Point Loma High’s varsity football team has performed excellently in every game this season, resulting in their record of 7 wins and only 2 losses. The team has an incredible amount of dedication, not only for the sport but also for each other. Players work tirelessly as they know they must do so in order to achieve their goal to win. A shared passion throughout the team is their desire to reach the CIF playoffs come November, and reach the ultimate goal of becoming league champions.

With that being said, the Pointers think of football more than just a stepping stone to a championship, they think of the sport as a way to improve their mental and physical strength within themselves and as a team. Players consider the team to be made of “not just teammates, but friends,” and build their friendships on and off of the field. Among these bonds, some of the oldest and strongest come between the senior captains Noah Turbeville (#6 running back), Jackson Emerson (#2 quarterback), and Chase Lowary (#44 linebacker/running back). These captains have a vision to lead their team, but do so with the help of other players such as Shawn Ducharme (#50 offensive line), Nathan Terzoli (#7 defensive end), Memo Mendoza (#56 nose tackle), and Ya Ya Yamez (#58 offensive line).

The players mentioned above, as well as the entire team, have a playing style that focuses on physicality, aggression, quickness, optimism, all of which have been proven to aid in the team’s success. Stemming from their individual strengths, the Pointers come together to create a strong, passionate group that have the remainder of their season to look forward to.


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