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OB Beach Pier Renewal

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

By Jaselle Cahill

Ocean Beach, a local Point Loma favorite, has been around and open since the 1850’s. The OB pier was introduced in 1966, becoming one of the most iconic landmarks in San Diego. But throughout the years, the pier has taken constant hits from weather events and big swells, including Hurricane Hilary, which has left the pier needing renovations now more than ever. Based on a study in 2018, the city established that total replacement of the pier is the best financial option, considering the costs of repairs. The topic of redesigning and repairing the pier has been discussed numerous times, but city directors have finally decided it is time for a new appearance.

The latest renewal project aims to create the best long-term solution for the 57-year-old pier. The directors have brought into consideration economic impacts, historical significance, community influences, and input from local San Diegans while crafting new designs. The committee is also arranging workshops to provide updates and receive recommendations from the community.

The current budget for the pier is $8.4 million. There are three potential designs for the pier, The Braid, The Remora, and The Squint Test. Given the pier’s beloved history and traditions, such as the Polar Plunge and Junior Guard’s OB Pier Jump, the topic of a total renovation has brought lots of controversy. The new designs are far more on the modern side than the original, and many locals fear that the character of the pier will be lost in renovation. The directors are faced with trying to balance the history of the pier as an iconic landmark and trying to build a structurally sound pier that will stand the test of time and weather. Keep a lookout for more about the new OB pier design!


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