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Nuclear Energy is the Solution

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

by Sophia Sullivan

As a society, we seem to have a common theme when facing problems. We demand change, we demand to be taken seriously, yet we don't provide solutions. The best way to make real change is not through an angry 17-year-old, but by pushing viable solutions. Fossil fuels got us this far in our development, but as many of us know, the level of carbon emissions produced is not sustainable. It's time to make the jump from fossil fuels to nuclear energy. Fossil fuels are the largest emitter of CO2 globally, and by making a worldwide transition to nuclear, we would have a substantial drop in emissions. No system will be perfect, but we have to start somewhere, and with all things, they are bound to improve over time.

Nuclear is an excellent solution for many reasons. It generates large amounts of energy without emitting any greenhouse gasses. Nuclear energy is the most reliable, with zero emissions, minimal waste, and only using an insignificant amount of space. The best part is that the waste can be reprocessed and reused. The US has not yet utilized this. Although solar panels and wind turbines are adequate sources of energy, they are not the most effective of solutions. Solar panels and wind turbines are entirely reliant on ever-changing environmental factors and take up far too much space to be as efficient as we require.

The biggest problem with nuclear energy is how dangerous a nuclear reactor meltdown is. Of course, any accident regarding nuclear energy is dangerous, but this complaint is not a reason to turn away from nuclear energy. Not only is a mishap extremely rare, with only three ever happening in over 17,000 cumulative years of commercial nuclear power operation in over 33 countries, but with the knowledge and safety precautions we have now, they are preventable. Fossil fuels are not safe from severe accidents, and research has shown that the aftermath of the nuclear meltdowns has been far less destructive than industrial accidents. If you are still hesitant about nuclear energy, look to France. 70% of the country's energy is produced from nuclear plants, and the country has seen no problems.

Changing the way we power our world is only a small portion of the problem we are facing. But it is a step in the right direction. It's time to eliminate the stigma surrounding nuclear energy because when dealing with climate change, stagnation is regression.


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