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No One Likes PDA: Perks of Being a Singleton During Valentine’s Day

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

by Alya Bocaya

Do you know what’s coming up? Yup, it’s Valentine's Day. Don’t we all love walking through the hallways to see couples practically on top of each other? Or overhear some cute but overdone comment? Or even worse, accidentally walking in on a couple kissing? We all have that little part of ourselves that wishes we could have something like that too. But this year is going to be different. Being the dreaded “singleton” on Valentine’s Day isn’t as bad as you think. It can seem like being single sucks, especially now that Cupid has shot his arrow through everyone's heart but yours. Couples holding hands and kissing at Sunset Cliffs makes me want to throw up, but at the same time it tugs at my jealousy. But stop worrying, because being a single teenager has more benefits than you realize.

First of all, we have the freedom to choose where to eat, what to do, and who to see. You can go on a date with anyone you want, hang out with friends, or even stay at home watching Nora Ephron movies all Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to carry the burden of your partner’s hopes, worries and fears of Valentine’s Day on your shoulders. It sounds selfish, but caring for only yourself reduces a load of stress. Taking care of yourself is difficult, and when you have another person to care for, it can bring excess tension. It depends on your emotional maturity and how much you’re willing to sacrifice for that person. Overall, having freedom only benefits your progress of becoming who you want to be, without anyone having to tell you otherwise.

Second, you have so much more time! When you have a significant other, you give so much of your time to hang out with them. Sometimes it’s better to have time to yourself so you can relax and be at peace. Practice your hobbies, go outdoors and work on becoming the best version of yourself. Time is essential for self progression. You get to go on the adventure of a lifetime! From trying to figure out whether you like chocolate or vanilla ice cream to which university you want to go to, spending time with yourself is really important. Finding who you are, starts and ends with one person: you. Make sure you’re who you want to be.

My final point might not be considered a “benefit,” but rather something us single people should understand. We need to stop believing that we can only be happy when we're in a relationship. I know it’s tough when all we see are couples who look indubitably happy all the time. Trust me they’re not, at least not all the time. We all make mistakes and get into arguments because we’re human. Being happy doesn’t mean you have to love someone romantically. Just love someone. This Valentine’s Day, I dare you to just send or show your love to anyone. Whether it be taking your little sister out for ice cream, giving your dog a bath, or telling your mom you love her. There are simple ways of loving others and in turn, you'll feel a sense of love back.

Happy Valentine’s!


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