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Netflix & Chills

The Best Spooky Movies on Netflix

By Brendan Yoder

In celebration of Halloween, Netflix has put together a playlist of the best scary movies and television shows. Here are our five favorites:

1. The Shining


In this 1980 horror film, father, husband, and writer Jack Torrance takes up a new job in the isolated Overlook Hotel. His wife, Wendy, and son, Danny, come along for the winter. When his writing goes nowhere, Jack starts to go insane and his son develops haunting visions. Jack slowly transforms into a maniac set on terrorizing his son and wife.

2. The Babadook


This 2014 film follows a single mother coping with the brutal death of her husband. When an odd book comes into the possession of her son, Samuel, she must deal with his fears, which quickly become a reality.

3. Creep


A more recent addition is 2014’s CREEP. It follows a videographer named Aaron who takes a Craigslist ad to help a man with a terminal illness make a video for his son, a son the man thinks will not be born until after he is dead. In a twisted turn of events, Aaron finds his client is much darker than he had once thought.

4. The Conjuring


This 2013 film is set in the early 70’s. When two paranormal investigators are called to investigate a Rhode Island farmhouse owned by the Perrons, they soon realize there is more than meets the eye. Things quickly go south when the dark past of the quaint house is uncovered.

5. Hush


This 2016 thriller follows deaf writer Madison Young and her move to a cabin in the woods to live a solitary life. She is forced to fight for her life when a silent and terrifying masked man appears in her window.

These are our top five horror and thriller movies on Netflix.

And with that, all I can say is… Happy Halloween!


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