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Mean Girls

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

By Nicole Witt

In any age, there is always a defining piece of media that dominates teen culture -- Mean Girls being an iconic example. The title first appeared in 2004 as a movie, and then as a musical in 2017. It quickly became an iconic movie and show, and remained on Broadway for 833 shows, until just recently in 2020. Wildsong Productions, a local theater production group, decided to take on their own version of Mean Girls, the musical. Hosted at the OB Playhouse, the musical was performed by students of local schools, including some of our very own Pointers, allowing the community to interact more than before and providing accurate representation of teens and young adults of today’s age.

The first performance started on September 7th, and their productions were enjoyed by the community through to their final performance on the September 17th. Throughout the week, the cast and crew received lots of support and positive feedback from members of the community online and at shows.

The production itself was filled with stunning vocals, amazing choreography, and even more amazing acting. The performance was enhanced with cast and audience interaction during breaks in play and great behind the scenes support from the crew. People laughed, people cheered, and people enjoyed the performance-- some even came to see the performance multiple times.

The Wildsong Productions take on Mean Girls: The Musical was a fun and lively show, full of great skill and talent. Although it is no longer being performed, keep a lookout for more Wildsong productions in the future-- one of them being It: A Pennywise Parody Musical! It will start on September 22nd and continue until the 31st of October, just in time for a great Halloween show.


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