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Love Personified

by Will Baker

Love wears a sweater that doesn’t belong to them. It’s so covered in patches of all different shades and patterns that it’s nearly impossible to tell the originating color. If you try to ask Love about it, they will politely but firmly change the subject. Love also wears a belt with an infinite number of locks dangling from it; each lock a different size and shape. Love has a few particular favorite locks, and knows exactly where to find them amongst the others. Every so often, a lock will snap off, but locks can also slowly come undone, or rust through. Whenever a lock falls, Love refuses to talk to anyone for ages, but usually Hindsight can coax Love back to normal over time. However, even when Love recovers, they never forget a broken lock.

Nobody can quite agree on the way Love looks, as details tend to change depending on who is describing them. The only thing everyone can agree on is that Love always has a twinkle in their eyes. Love also tends to pop up in unexpected places, and sometimes only one person in a crowd can see them. Love can be found anywhere at any given time, because Love is a world traveler, and has been to the most famous of places thousands of times. Love knows every inch of Paris, every grain of sand in the Caribbean, and every street of New Orleans. Love never gets tired of traveling, because every time they return somewhere they find something new.

Love changes from day to day. Sometimes they’re mischievous, and play tricks on everyone around them. And sometimes they’re wise, and dispense unexpected pieces of advice with an ancient look in their eyes. No matter the day, Love is always willing to have a conversation with a stranger, or befriend a stray dog, or take a moment to watch the stars. Love lives in the moment, and is always moving forward.


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