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JV Women’s Soccer Lights Up The Stadiums With Their Matches

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

by Reese Sieger

A sight to see this season is the Women’s JV soccer team, made up of seventeen players that are hungry for goals. Captained by me (Reese Sieger, #13) and my fellow sophomore’s Matea Bendinelli (#15), Noel Gatty (#12) and freshman Claire Roberts (#21) the Pointers have a current record of 3 wins, 1 draw, and 3 losses. We seem to be off to a similar start of the previous year’s JV team, who went on to win Division I.


Freshman Rylee LaRacco (#8) takes on a defender in the game against Mater Dei Catholic on January 14th, which ended in a 0-0 draw.

Our best game was away at Serra High School, where the Pointers beat the Conquistadors four to one. This game was on December 17th, and even through the freezing cold weather, the girls were able to persevere. The win was helped by two goals from freshman Farrah Garmo (#5) and goals from Bendinelli and freshman Charlie Faucett (#7). This game was also saved by their goalkeeper at the time, Davia Kerr. Sadly, the JV girls do not have a full-time goalie so everybody has to take one for the team and go in goal. Davia decided to be a team player that day and ended up saving the Pointers many times. Coaches, parents, and even a few alumni players watched and enjoyed this game.

Overall, the JV Pointers seem to be on the road to success. Their offense is a threat to defenders and they’re defense is a threat to offense. Even better, they have found a goalkeeper for the rest of their season! I encourage you to catch one of the JV games because it is very entertaining and fun to watch young players grow and improve.


The JV Pointers after their 2-0 win against Chula Vista High School back in October.


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