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JV and Freshman Basketball

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

by Caleb Rogart

Though they may have started out rocky, the JV Men’s Basketball team eventually got the upper hand over San Diego High School and secured the victory with a final score of 50-37. After the first half, the score was 22-21 favoring SDHS. However, our Pointers came back with the help of some key players such as John Woodworth. Joe Urisige, a player on the JV team, had this to say about the game, “I know the game had a slow start but we came back and had a good rest of the game. All we need to do is have better rebounds and passes and we’ll do even better next time.”

Though there may be some things that they can work on, it is safe to say that 2020 looks bright for our JV pointers and I for one can't wait to see them in upcoming games.

The freshman team, unfortunately, did not have as much luck as they lost their game 17-50. Though this is an unfortunate start to 2020, the freshmen will no doubt bounce back and win several more games before the season ends. A player who shares my optimism is one of the freshman players, Max Fieler, who said, “The team we played was super good and even though it was a tough loss we’re still 7-2 and I know we’ll do better next time.”




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