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How to Dress

by Helena Spydell

Fashion is arguably one of the most powerful gifts one can acquire. It can represent so much - a person, a culture, a nation. It transcends time. But, nowadays, fashion moves so quickly that one can forget to appreciate it in all of its glory. However, when you step back and see garments for everything that they are, you will begin to view them in a new light. Fabric, color, patterns, shapes - everything just comes together to work, and has the power to change everything.

Articles of clothing often have a story behind them. They express personal style, character, and have the power to attract certain groups of people, depending on how they are worn. That is why different cultures and friend groups tend to have distinctive styles of clothing. In addition, there is a reason why, when one wants to create a change in their personality or their friends, they often start with their clothes.

Clothes have the power to lift up your mood and make you feel different than before. If you are wearing clothes that make you feel good, you are going to feel good about yourself. If your clothes are uncomfortable and you do not feel confident in them, they can make your good mood dissipate. In life, it is crucial to buy and wear clothes that you personally enjoy and make you feel good. The internet can make this difficult, with influencers constantly propagating new styles. But if you can look inside yourself, and buy clothes for yourself, then you will ultimately end up with a wardrobe that makes you feel confident. Clothes have the power to change everything, and anyone can use that power to their advantage.


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