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Homecoming Hullabaloo

By Erica Johnson

The homecoming hullabaloo this year took place in the new dance venue: the PLHS small gym. Never before has homecoming been in this location. Conversations in the preceding weeks focused on whether or not the small gym had any potential.

The use of the accompanying outdoor softball field added a new aspect to the dance that was well received. Freshman Ian Myers said the softball field gave him a chance to “actually breathe.” It was a good place catch a break in between hitting the dance floor. With churros, mini-burgers, water, strung lights, porta-potties, and even a silent disco, the softball field had it all. Junior Mare Stephan remarked that “the silent dance was perfect for switching things up. I was never bored!” Switching between the red, blue, and green channels gave students the opportunity to pick the songs they liked best. With three options, you were bound to like at least one of them!

The small gym itself held the main dance. Hot, humid, and compact as always, the main dance offered the classic high energy entertainment that is annually attained at homecoming. One new aspect of the dance was the use of the fireworks behind the DJ, which added to the energy and excitement. Senior JL Skinner said it best: Homecoming 2018 was “one I will never forget.”

And that’s a wrap… until ASB! This year the winter dance will be at Seaworld, where the Electric Eel will be open to Point Loma Students. We’ll see you there!


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