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Homecoming Hopping

by Katherine Lapic

Homecoming season is upon us, with Spirit Week’s days filled with enthusiastic outfits and the weekends preoccupied with the Homecoming game and dance. As more people branch out from their own school, making new friends from all over, the opportunities to attend more homecoming events become more prevalent. If you, like most, are an extrovert, you might find yourself at other schools' homecomings. Thus, the concept of homecoming hopping is introduced.

The general premise of it is simply the act of attending other schools' homecoming events. Whether it’s through friends or a date, going to another school’s dance always has its benefits and disadvantages.

Speaking from experience, Manny Correia, a senior who attended Clairemont High School’s dance on the first of October, said he “felt a little bit out of place,” since he didn’t know most people. Elaborating, he said, “The pros of going is I had a date to go with, I knew the group I went with, and I had fun. A couple of cons is that I felt out of place and it was in [Clairemont High School’s] gym,” as opposed to Point Loma’s homecoming at the Air and Space Museum.

The process of hopping from homecoming to homecoming is not as convenient as it may sound, and thus isn’t very popular.

“The hardest part of the experience is just finding the contract itself since it wasn’t linked anywhere, but once I found the contract, it was easy to fill it out and get the vice principal's signature,” junior Helena Spydell said on filling out the dance contracts required to go to the events.

Because going through the whole ordeal is not perfect, the ideal experience is knowing the specific friend group you’re going with, since nobody wants to crash a homecoming and have it be awkward.


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