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Homecoming and School Dance Advice

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

By Isa McLaughlin

As someone who has been to multiple homecomings, it’s always been a great experience. The night is full of going out and taking pictures with all my friends, dancing, and making fun memories to hold onto!

Going into my senior year, I planned on making this homecoming the best one yet! Point Loma High School’s first dance of the year took place on Saturday, September 23rd, and it was an incredibly exciting event. Here are some of my tips on how to make the most of your school dance experiences.

1. First of all it’s important that you are not worried about what everyone else is going to say or how they are going to look, just wear what you like.

2. Comfort is key so if you’re someone who likes wearing heels, you probably do not want to be wearing them all night. Bring comfy shoes to change into after you take pictures.

3. Next, remember the line into the venue is always very long and it will be separated into guys and girls. So when you get to the front, be ready with your school ID, this is your ticket into the dance.

4. When you are taking pictures before the dance, make sure to look at a few of them to make sure you like them. You don’t want to end up not having pictures that you like when you go to look at them in the morning.

5. Having fun is a top priority, so if you have never been to a dance try new things and go dance in the group. There are often a lot of games and attractions like mini-golf, as well as 360 photobooth and Giant Connect four. There is also food and drinks that are all included with your ticket.


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