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Holiday Gift List Ideas

by Helena Spydell

Here we are again. It’s that time of the year when people are getting ready to cue Mariah Carey’s hit single “All I want for Christmas is You” (or they have already secretly been playing it all throughout November). Once the final bite of the Thanksgiving turkey is eaten, it is time to play that song, buy a tree to place in a corner of your house, and start baking gingerbread, because the holidays are coming. Some relatives get a bit excited for the season and want to start preparations early. Now, they said this last year and still ended up ordering something with same day delivery on Christmas Eve, but this year they are serious, and they want a gift list - right now. What they haven’t realized in their excitement is that many people haven’t even begun to process the fact that summer is over and school started three months ago, let alone start making a gift list for the holidays.

Luckily, my relatives love the wintertime, and they shocked me into realizing the holidays are upon us in early October, when they asked for my gift list. After a deep dive into my Pinterest boards and TikTok feed, I came up with perfect ideas, and out of the generosity of my heart and in the spirit of the holiday season, I have compiled my list for all to read.

Firstly, the entire internet has fallen prey to the influence of supermodel Bella Hadid and her esoteric fashion sense. Commonly worn by Bella, and thus exploding on the internet, are UGG boots, specifically the UGG Classic Ultra Mini boots, which have a lower heel than the classic UGGs. I personally own a pair of UGG boots and I can testify that they are extremely comfortable, cozy, and durable, so they are a perfect investment or add on to this year’s Christmas list. If you are not ready to give up on the idea of summer, another footwear option that is not only popular, but also cute and comfortable, are Birkenstocks. Personally, I love the Mayari Birkenstock style, and I will be

adding those to my Christmas list this year. Another option for those of us who hate asking others for clothes is a digital camera. Not only are these fun for any outing, they are also capable of taking higher-quality photos than many phone cameras. I recommend the Canon Powershot 180 for an affordable but high-quality camera. Lastly, if you are completely out of ideas, and even somewhat of a Swiftie, ask your relatives for tickets to Taylor Swift’s “Eras”

Tour. However, these are going to be hard to find and expensive, so be warned.

If previously, you were stuck with a blank page as a list, hopefully these ideas were able to inspire you. I wish your relatives the best of luck in finding these items on the internet, I would recommend sending a link, or using the app Giftster to organize your Chritmas lists and make them easy to share. All in all, have the happiest of holidays and enjoy the season!


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