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Halloween at Disney

By Emma B.

Every year in early September, Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, becomes the spookiest place on earth as Halloween floods its popcorn-lined streets. Pumpkins and ghosts stand at every turn and villains parade through the park, heralding the frightfully fun celebrations to come. Jack Skellington takes over the Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain becomes Ghost Galaxy, and suddenly every sweet treat is orange, purple, or black.

The most exciting of the Halloween festivities is “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party,” a special event that happens a few nights a week. The park is closed to all except those with tickets to the party. This means that guests drop in for shorter lines, an exclusive parade, fireworks, and a lineup of special characters.

The “Frightfully Fun Parade,” which cuts through the park 15 nights per year, features Mickey, Minnie, an array of villains, Jack Skellington and Sally, and even a few grim, grinning ghosts on a Haunted Mansion parade float. Let’s not forget the Headless Horseman, galloping proudly through the parade route and ushering in the festive floats.

The “Halloween Screams Fireworks” show is themed around The Nightmare Before Christmas. It features the movie’s classic songs, iconic scenes (projected on the castle), and, of course, Halloween colored fireworks. Some of the special characters that can be seen are a variety of villains such as Constance Hatchaway from the Haunted Mansion and Cadaver Dans, a zombified caricature of the familiar Dapper Dans. A creepy, villainous foursome float along the foggy Rivers of America singing eerie songs. Whether or not you venture to the Halloween party, Halloween is, by far, the best time to visit Disneyland.


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