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Get Ready for The Quiet Place: Part II

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

by Jenna Ruthven

The Quiet Place. A title that sparks curiosity and an underlying mood of eeriness. Imagine a world where everything and everyone must be silenced to remain safe in a wasted land where deadly monsters hunt for prey with their keen sense of hearing. This film was released to theatres on April 6, 2018, directed by none other than The Office veteran, John Krasinski. It reached $340.9 million in the box office and achieved ratings up to 95% by Rotten Tomatoes. This is why they decided it was an excellent idea to develop a second film in the franchise and build major anticipation amongst the audience, who had been so intrigued upon the release of the first film. Additionally, The Quiet Place had been released on Netflix and this expanded the number of viewers that the production received, making the potential audience for The Quiet Place: Part II much greater.

The sequel will still remain a horror film, but now we will see how the Abbott family must survive as they venture farther outside their homeland. They face new challenges both similar and different to the ones they had before, such as avoiding blood-thirsty alien creatures and encountering apocalyptic-driven, territorial survivors motivated by the goal of self-preservation in a crumbling world.

Paramount dropped the trailer for the upcoming movie on New Year’s Day to give the start of 2020 an exciting boost. The release date of the film has been announced for March 20th. The sequel will include returning characters, new and peculiar individuals, and reappearances through flashbacks of previous characters from the first movie. Krasinski had major success directing The Quiet Place, and now, as the release date draws closer, it is foreseeable that The Quiet Place: Part II will generate as much, if not more, money than its predecessor in the box office.


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