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Updated: Sep 28, 2023

By Keona Evans

During the 2022 season, the Point Loma’s High School football team faced a series of challenges during a highly successful season, with the biggest coming during two battles with their most difficult rivals from the season, University City High School. The Pointers faced this team once during the ‘22 regular season, then again in the CIF playoff, in which they took a loss.

During this year’s rematch, however, they came out of the game with a smile of success on their faces. The Pointers didn’t let the previous year’s scores determine their game plan for the 2023 rematch. The new seniors worked hard after last year’s defeat, and walked onto UC’s home turf and fed them the same destruction. They ended the game with a 31-14 score and a sense of relief.

Those Pointers are always working hard to be better than they were yesterday, and with each Friday night, it shows. Dedication has a different meaning when it comes to Point Loma’s football team and it’s a dedication that deserves to be noticed.


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