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Finding Peace in a Time of Panic

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

by Lily Slakoff

It’s no surprise that stress-levels in our country are high right now. It’s been almost a year since the coronavirus pandemic shut down schools, and unfortunately the cases are still very high. People everywhere are feeling the effects of the long-lasting shutdowns and stay-at-home orders. With Valentines day coming up, it’s a good excuse to focus on YOU with some easy self care that is easy to do at home.


Whether you’re about to go to bed or just starting your day, a face mask is a great way to nourish your skin and leave it glowing. Places such as Target, Amazon, and CVS have great options for low prices. There are also tons of recipes online, so you can DIY. On the right, you can see some fun and bright masks that are $9.80 from Amazon. (A’PIEU Milk One Pack Sheet Mask Set (7 Sheets))


Journaling is the perfect way to empty your mind when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Whether it’s schoolwork, the pandemic, or anything else, writing down your thoughts is effective in relieving some of your stress.


(Following COVID-19 guidelines) Go for a walk and get some air. Stepping away from our screens gives our minds a break and you’ll feel better after you’ve gone out in nature. San Diego has a ton of hiking spots, and if you want something a little more relaxing, consider hitting Kate Sessions Park for a socially-distanced picnic. Torrey Pines is an amazing choice for hiking, pictured above. (from Google Images)

Whether you’re doing a face mask, journaling, hiking, or something different, don’t forget to make yourself a priority, and be sure to keep up your self-care.


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