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Boys of Fall

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

By Ben Berry

EMAP: “Every Man A Pointer.” The motto of Point Loma’s Football team rings especially true this year. With a full varsity roster of just 37, the Pointers call on every player to make an impact. It goes without saying that the Pointers are a resilient bunch. Battling short numbers, injuries, and tough opponents, the Pointers continue to be a team that opponents fear in their schedules. So far, the Pointers have upset various projections by KUSI PPR and High School Analysts. I asked junior Kaden Gill what he thought of being referred to as an underdog. He replied, “Underdogs? Nah, just dogs.” This sort of confidence has been expressed on the field throughout the season. Despite two early defeats by the clock, the Pointers 4th quarter resilience has become a prominent aspect of the team’s success. During Weeks 1 and 3, the Pointers suffered close losses that came in the final seconds of both games. Senior Zac Makis spoke to me about these games and commented that though the games were upsetting, the team carries a new sense of playing all 4 quarters. This is best communicated by defensive end Wes Windmiller: “We have a short memory and we are simply looking forward to our next opponent. Every practice we take our ups and downs from last week to make us a better team.” This resilient mentality was displayed during the Homecoming football game. With at least 5 lead changes during the game against University City High School, the Pointers emerged victorious, maintaining their undefeated home record. These coming weeks will be a true test of the team’s ability as they play Cathedral and Saints.

This year the Pointers moved to Division 2 for the CIF playoff tournament. The team is looking forward to a strong playoff run and, more importantly, a strong playoff finish. The team is a serious contender for the CIF championship and plans to bring home the title. This theme of resilience will be an important component in future victories and is bound to persist due to the strong leadership in the coaching staff and seniors. Seasoned in the playoffs, returning varsity players plan to lead the team the whole 9 yards, or, rather, however many yards it takes.



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