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ASB Ball Outfit Critique

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

by Helena Spydell

This year’s ASB Ball, similarly to last year’s, was a highly anticipated event. Last year, many were looking for a do-over of homecoming, the first post-Covid dance which ended up being unsatisfactory, while this year people were simply looking for a fun night to hang out with their friends, dance, and have an excuse to buy a new outfit. Because most students see ASB as a winter ball, there are many who take the opportunity to wear more formal attire than they wear at homecoming. I, after spending the night scanning the outfits of the students at the dance, was able to come up with a general list of what I thought were the good, the bad, and the ugly outfit choices. Of course, this mostly represents my personal opinion, but I did ask around with a few of my friends, who agreed with me on these statements.

First, the better outfit decisions. All longer and mid-length dresses made a statement against the crowd, and they were perfect for a winter formal. However, many upperclassmen did not appear to be wearing these types of dresses, which makes sense as they will be wearing floor-length dresses for prom later this spring. Instead of the longer dresses, the girls who opted for a long-sleeved option also made a statement and were more representative of the winter formal theme.

Also making a statement were the accessories worn. These included handbags, statement earrings or necklaces, and shoes. I personally loved the heels that many girls were wearing, though on a practical level they are not always the best option. As for the men, many were wearing all-black outfits, making everyone match. Though this could seem like a bad fashion choice, I personally enjoyed it and liked that all of them seemed to be synonymous. Plus, an all-black outfit makes a statement and also seems to match with the formal theme.

Unfortunately, in the midst of all the beautiful dresses and sophisticated men’s fashion, there were also many fashion trends from the ASB ball that

should have been avoided. What tops this list is anything from the brand Lucy and the Sky. Many girls got their dresses from this online brand, including myself. I will not be buying from them again. My dress was uncomfortable, and I also ran the risk of matching with twenty other students. In addition, fast fashion in general should be avoided, and Lucy and the Sky is a poster brand of fast fashion sold at an expensive price. Also, the short homecoming dresses were a poor choice for many of the students. These dresses gave a monotonous tone to the dance that could have easily been avoided by adding a new design, long sleeves, or a slightly longer skirt. For the men, I spotted a few of them wearing jeans. I was appalled. This should not be acceptable at any dance, let alone winter formal.

At the end of the night, it was a fun dance no matter what anyone was wearing. And of course, anyone is welcome to make their own fashion choices and dress in what is most comfortable for them. However, next year, keep in mind that you can never have too many accessories. Try a statement necklace or handbag. Or a longer dress or long sleeves. Honestly, the options are endless. Just try to make it a little bit different than homecoming.


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