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A Simple Guide To A Stunning Physique

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

By Alex Olmedo

Everybody wants that “perfect” body. The body found in science textbooks, the body that is chiseled from rock and stone, the body that seeks no physical limitations. But this, of course, is easier said than done. Behind every bulk of muscle are hours of physical pain and a constant reminder of “mind over matter.” A critical early realization for those who want to be muscular is that everyone has a unique genetic makeup, therefore, a different physique from birth. Comparing yourself with another body type is not the best checkpoint for your achievements. What I've learned through experience is that by listing and completing goals, you tend to get a better idea of where you are physically. And from this, a second key factor will come into play, consistency.

Many people look for a specific shredded look, while others want to condition their bodies and enhance their endurance with lean muscle. To specify the characteristics of your physique, you must dial two factors, nutrition and reps/sets. Nutrition will contribute to muscle fiber repair and growth. A lack of appropriate elements will hinder the muscle growth that you get from any class of exercise. If you want the absolute best for your body, eliminate processed foods, as they're often stripped of any beneficial nutrients that otherwise would’ve made a positive impact on your health. Oatmeal or eggs for breakfast will satisfy any chemical process your body will need at the start of your day. For lunch, a chicken wrap is perfect to supplement your body's needs, since it's light in fatty acids and sodium, but dense in lean protein and greens. A dinner plate should first be divided into 3 parts; 12 o-clock, 9 o-clock, and 9:20. Between 9 and 12 (the smallest ⅓) is where the starchy carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, and potatoes will go. Between 9 and 9:20, there will be a concentration of fibrous carbohydrates like broccoli, green beans, and spinach. Lastly, between 12 and 9:20, proteins such as chicken, salmon, and beef will complete the last third. Just know it is not a crime to sneak in a snack or dessert like dark chocolate or even a cookie - the point of a healthy lifestyle is balance, not crazy restrictions.

Now that you have your daily nutrients in order, let's talk about reps/sets and weights. A clear distinction between bodybuilders and people with lean bodies is the way they organize their reps/sets and weights. Bodybuilders apply heavy resistance for a short period (about 12 reps for 3 sets and rest time for 60-90 seconds), focusing on fast-twitch muscle fibers. These fibers will contribute to the addition of muscle size and strength rather than endurance. To put it simply, fewer sets and heavier weights will build dense muscle and strength.

A lean physique, on the other hand, is built from constant resistance of adequate weight (around 12 reps for 5 sets and rest time for 60-90 seconds), pinpointing slow-twitch fibers. These fibers have a substantial impact on tolerating resistance for long durations, improving endurance, and limiting fatigue. Another considerable effect in training this specific fiber is its contribution to efficient fat burning.

Now when it comes to equipment, I recommend a generic yoga mat and hexagon-shaped dumbbells, specifically the hexagon kind since it’s edging will keep it stationary when doing any variation of the dumbbell pushup. For those of you who seek more ambitious equipment: a doorway pull-up bar, battle rope, and medicine ball will add a wider range of Crossfit workouts. At this point, you should write down a list of exercises you can do with the equipment you have now. Here are a few full-body routines with basic equipment to get you in the best shape of your life!


  • T-Pushup

  • Reverse flyers

  • Floor Press


  • Bicep Curls

  • Concentration Curls

  • Hammer Curls


  • Row Boats

  • Russian Twist

  • Sit-ups


  • Weighted Lunges

  • Calf raises

  • Mountain Climbers


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