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A New Age of Boxing with New and Old Faces

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

By Caleb Rogart

Jones and Tyson joyful after the fight

November 30 was an interesting day for boxing to say the least. It was a big day, two acclaimed fights, but both extremely different. The first was the fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. The two are both legendary fighters, each having confidence that they would come out as the victor. It wasn’t a pretty fight, as the two boxers had a combined age of 105 years. Because of this, the rounds were short, 2 minutes each, with 8 rounds in the fight. At the end, the fight was ruled as an unofficial draw. Jones commemorated his opponent by complimenting his fighting skills even at 52 years of age. but also said he would not be likely to fight again. On the other hand, Tyson said that he was happy to just be fighting again and even went as far as to say he would like to do more exhibition fights. Tyson stated, "This is bigger than fighting and winning the championship, we're humanitarians and we're helping people."

Paul in a video challenging McGregor, and McGregor after a fight

Another fight on the card was between Jake Paul and Nate Robinson. This fight was not between two legendary boxers, but rather between a YouTuber and a basketball player. This fight was also different as it ended in the second round after a right hook from Paul ended Robinson’s night with a knockout. It is controversial that the fight even happened to begin with. Many people believe that they had no business saying that they were in a real boxing match. Many more people were outraged when after the fight, Paul said he wanted to fight famed UFC fighter Conor McGregor as some say he does not deserve the right to challenge him, let alone fight him.

Mayweather after winning a fight and Paul in his fight vs KSI

In addition to Jake Paul’s challenge to Conor McGregor, his older brother, Logan Paul, challenged perhaps the greatest boxer to ever put on the gloves, Floyd Mayweather, to a fight some weeks ago. Surprisingly Mayweather accepted and announced that he would indeed fight the older Paul brother on February 20. Some people say this is good for the boxing world, popular celebrities joining the sport that is undoubtedly losing popularity. On the other hand, people say that it puts a stain on boxing credibility as now “anyone” can fight champions in the boxing world. One thing is for sure, boxing is changing - whether it is for the better or worse is yet to be seen.


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